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Pia: Senior Sculptor

Eybrow Waxing Outside of work, I love to practice yoga because it is a challenge and it helps clear my mind. I am passionate about learning new things, which is why I am finishing up my Bachelors degree in Sociology. I am also passionate about my dog, Penelope Pine. She is a rescue pup and watching her become a dog and gaining her trust have been two of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I love sculpting brows because it's a hands-on way to make people more beautiful. My sense of humor and the positive outlook I have on the world are two of my favorite qualities about myself. I love that being a woman enables me to be emotionally intelligent and I can share that with my clients on a daily basis.

Chelsea: Junior Sculptor

Eybrow Waxing I am a free spirited, sassy woman who loves fashion, animals, fitness and beauty. When I'm not sculpting brows I love working out, whether it's lifting weights or finding new places to hike. I have a passion for acting and modeling, I'm not one to shy away from the camera.

I love doing brows for the end result, the way it can make one feel without a doubt, beautiful, not only on the inside but also out. The eyes are the window to the soul and when ones brows are done it only enhances them more. Helping people feel beautiful and more confident is the fuel that feeds my soul.

Carly: Junior Sculptor

Eybrow Waxing Finding my passion so early in life really motivates me to push other woman to never settle, and to make their dreams a reality. I love creating and building a relationship with everyone I see. Those 15 minutes together are magical and mean so much more than just the fabulous brows! It's a chance to inspire and learn from one another. Helping others feel beautiful inside-and-out is so rewarding and I love it more than anything!

Jessica: Junior Sculptor

Eybrow Waxing Working for Browbiz allows me to express my creativity through sculpting brows. I am very passionate about perfecting my clients brows and helping them leave Browbiz more confident, trusting and happy. It means the world to me!

Jenna: Junior sculptor

Eybrow Waxing Outside of work I practice yoga regularly. Which, for me is art in motion—moving rhythmically with your breath and body. I feel that creativity is fueled through balancing the body, mind, and spirit. I also find creative expression by making and designing hula hoops for dance and fitness.

What I love about sculpting brows is not only the art of brow shaping, but creating a space and time for people to come in to relax or talk, laugh, learn, feel appreciated and feel beautiful. It may be the only 15 minutes that is carved out just for them in a whole month. So I always hope that with each visit a client can take away with them the importance of taking care of and appreciating themselves.

Alexis: Junior Sculptor

Eybrow Waxing Sculpting Brows is so rewarding for me because of the connections and good feelings I get to share with my clients. Having my own brows freshly sculpted makes me happy and I love to share that feeling with others! I love spending time with my friends and family, drawing intricate mandalas, baking healthy hypoallergenic desserts and running with my dog "Stella".

Sara: Junior Sculptor

Eybrow Waxing When I am not at browbiz, I love to dance, no matter the time or day... it becomes my serenity! My art is my passion along with being a new mom, both have helped me grow and stay flexible in this beautiful raw life we share. As young girls becoming strong women, we look for one thing, to find our place and purpose in this world. So when given the opportunity to sculpt brows for my career—I took it. There was a feeling that washed over me in doing so, "this is where I belong." Working with and servicing the best of women. Another love of mine, facials. Exactly what we need once in a while...skin therapy!

Deborah: Master Sculptor

Eybrow WaxingI am passionate about helping women to feel and express their innate beauty.

My background as a portrait artist allows me to see women's facial features from an artistic perspective and the natural God-given beauty in everyone. During my brow and make up sessions, I enjoy sharing my perspective with my clients and encourage them to see other possibilities on how they perceive their image of themselves.


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